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As said before Jango had to die or else the story wouldn't have been the same, but I was a little dissapointed by his whole performance in Episode 2, I thought his victory over Obi-Wan would have been a bit more brutal and he should have been taking a higher death toll in the Battle of Geonosis. Some may wonder why he didn't just fly away before being decapitated, in the DVD version, if you slow it down you can actually see Jango ignite his jet-pack, but it just fizzes out presumably from being trampled by the reek.
Boba's supposed death in ROTJ is also dissapointing, he totally owns in most of the books he's in, but anyone who just watches the movies wouldn't see what all the fuss is about (him being the best bounty hunter). - eh, check it out if you want - also check if you are bored (a movie I made)
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