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"I want all Clones to attack the ships surrounding the Invisible Hand!" Commander Cody yelled into his comlink. "Those ships must be destroyed, so Generals Skywalker and Kenobi can get back to Courscant! Do NOT let them jump into hyperspace, not with Palpatine and the Jedi onboard. I want a few of you to land in the ship's hangar bay, I want you in there helping the Jedi, we need Palpatine free as soon as possible. I have just received word that Jedi General Zulaan Quxion is on his way to help!"


(Mission please for Zulaan.)

Zulaan sat there in the middle of his ship staring out at the explosions brightining the night sky. "R3, watch out, there are Buzz Droids everywhere! And they'd love to get a hold of you." R3 just beeped. "I know, we're going to help Master Kenobi and Anakin." Zulaan flipped his ship to one side. "Whoa, that was close!" Just behind him he heard an explosion, "That was too close."

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