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Originally Posted by Emperor Devon
Some things have been deleted here and there, but remember that there's a reason for it. The mods don't get rid of posts on a whim.
Usually, and especially in the Chambers, 3 page threads don't get deleted silently by a mod. There is also a reason why threads can be closed, and this is also what normally happens in here. Furthermore, I have no problem with deletion at all, but with giving no information why it was done (except spam or the like). However, I do not think it was deleted by lf staff, nor is this thread addressing them in a direct manner, because they usually give information why, or at least a warning that it will happen.

And yes, thread deletion should be possible only for mods, since users can only delete their own threads by deleting the first post, anyway. If, for some reason, a user thinks his thread is not worth to exist any longer, he can ask a mod to do something about it, but closing the thread would still be the most appropriate option in most cases then.

As for deleting own posts, the only valid reason to delete a post is double posting the same post. For everything else there is the edit function. Deleting posts disturbs the thread's chronology, and thus may take the following posts somewhat out of context. Okay, so would editing the post's content do, but at least everyone can see the post was edited.

Also, do not try to turn this into anti-mod-sumtin, or else I err will uuhhmmmm call Jae for another toruhmborerrlengtsk..enlightening post?

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