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Originally Posted by steven
"It doesn't matter, the gas is posenious to me. I'm allready dead." Viceroy started to cough viloently "Please... kill me now..."
"The Droid armies are crippled," Mace told Plo who were still in their ray shields, "However, with Grievous alive, the Droid armies won't truly be gone for good. Now we just need to find a decent ship and we can return to Coruscant."

"Ki-Adi-Mundi has a ship, not far from here," Plo told Mace, "But we need to be rescued, otherwise we'll never make it off this ship alive.

Mace then remembered Llonya. He hoped she was still okay and would hopefully get off the Invisible Hand alive.

(I won't post now, until the next Chapter or new objectives, but Plo and Ki-Adi will leave, if Mace has more objectives).
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