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I need to find a way off this ship! Zulaan told himself. I don't want to use the Escape Pods, cause then Grevious will shoot it out of the sky. "R3 what do you think?" Zulaan asked his little astromech droid quietly. R3 beeped really loudly. "What do you mean? That I'm incompetent." BEEP! "R3! Go to the terminal, find another route off this ship, I need to get back to Courscant! My Battle Meditation is useless here, I can't focus it!" Beeep boop! "You want me to take an escape pod?! I can't Grevious will shoot it out of the sky!" Beep beep boop-wooo.... "Just do it!" The little droid rolled off, he came back within moments. Beep beep booo-wooop! "There's a CIS bomber in the hangar bay!" Beep! "All right well let's go!" They headed back to the hangar bay and got in the bomber and put in the code for the Temple's frequency. "Tell the clones that I've stolen a CIS bomber, tell them NOT to shoot at any of them that they encounter!" Zulaan frantically said.
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