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"Well, that fixed the problem" said Psycho. He knew more would come.
"Barricade the doors. Hurry!" screamed Kelvin as he and the other Forumites continued to lock the doors. they all knew those wouldn't last long.

"All I got left are blade weapons. Katanas, spears, chainsaws, you name it. We need a plan to get more ammo. I think there's a secret supply in the basement. We can't get to it, so load up on anything you can find." said Psycho.

Luckily, they were in the perfect part of the mall. Around them were the hunting store, the sports store, the gun shop, the gardening shop(complete with chainsaws), and a KBtoys.

Ave, Dav, Mayhem, Zelda, and Psycho. They all loaded up to be ready for the soon to come Zombie invasion.

(Explain your characters current Artillery on your posts)

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