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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
Interdictor sucks as we all know it. They have one big use though. When you have already won the game, and that annoying annoying enemy are popping around your planets prolonging his death, its time to build that Interdictor or two to finish them once and for all. But yeah I wish it has a more effective disruption against incoming missiles and a more reasonable gun, then it will be more useable than something other than a clean up unit of a game already won.
Look, I'm getting sick of stating this, so this'll be the last time.

Interdictors are used to stop enemies from escaping into Hyperspace. That is it. They weren't designed to engage cruisers, nor were they designed to deploy artillery, carry ground forces/fighters, protect other cruisers from fighters, blow anything up or to be used as escorts. Hell, according to the canon, it wasn't even classified as a heavy cruiser. It didn't even have turbolasers!

I'm not really sure what everyone is wanting. I'll accept it needs a few extra hitpoints but a lot of the changes I've heard - carrying loads of fighters, carrying torpedo launchers, more guns, more PWNING ability and whatever, it's just cheese. That's not what it's there for.

Bottom line - Interdictor was designed from the ground up to effectively block off hyperspace. It does that. So stop asking for more pointless upgrades - at least the Empire got a bucketload of useful new units.
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