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The zombies had torn clear through the barricade, and they emerged through the small opening one by one ... and then, all hell went loose.

"I didn't think there would be this many!" Mayhem screamed. Swinging her bat, she managed to pull the zombies away from Zelda, pulling her by the arm away from the frenzy. There was another loud crash and Mayhem whipped her head back, "Welll duh! The zombies used the elevators!"

She ran back a little to gain some space, and continued her mad fervor, swingin the bat and smashing jaws, stopping to catch her breath while 3 zombies writhed in pain at her feet, "I dunno how long we can keep this up...Screw the food, the cafteeria gets supplies from downstaris with a pully system. If someone can fit into them and lower themselves down, they can get to the basement and bring ammo up to us. The others can hold the zombies down for as long as they can...woo, boy, this is tiring..."
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