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dangeROSS got to work. He rushed at the nearest group of zombies. He gained momentum, then put all the force he could into a crouch and then a leap. He flew through the air. Zombies followed his movements the whole time, mouths watering, hands itchy with anticipation at a new meal. dangeROSS came down right in the middle of the group. He had his sword in his right hand, and in his left was....... a blank voter registration form.

He shoved the from into the closest zombie's hands. It's expression was blank. Eyes rolled up into his head, mouth gaping with streams of drool coming out. Ross started to sweat wondering if this plan would work. He continued to stare at the zombie, beads of sweat began forming on his head. The zombie seemed to stand there forever not making any motion at all just staring blankly into the sky. Moaning in unision with all the other zombies present. Creating a chorus of horror. Ross toned out the horrible whaling, and just stared at the zombie. Stared with all his might. His eyes were starting to bug out. He was totally tunnel vision. Focused on this zombie.

Then it did it. It took the form and signed it. It signed it with a bloody smear hand mark. But that is still an acceptable signitaure for voter registration. It has been since the constituion was amended by zombie George Washington in 1985 presidental Zombie outbreak of cancun. As soon as it's dirty finger was off the page Ross freakin' sliced the zombie in half thourgh the stomach. It's top half went tumbling to the ground. The legs stood motionless for a second. Then they did the Charleston. HARD. And without and hands to help accompany the dance. But you could still tell what it was. Then they just fell too.

Ross finished the zombie with a sword poke to the dome piece. He whipped around. And saw an onslaught of zombies all pouring in around him. He ran head first into the group screaming at the top of his lungs the ancient war cry his Ninja master/kidnapper had taught him. Which he had swore was an ancient war cry, but it pretty much was just Ace of Base's I Saw the Sign.

And at that moment he thought ...I'm going to need some more paper.

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