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Chapter 2: the New Rebellion

Zeorg ran though the miles of sand on Tatooine, the battle on the planet had gone out of control. All of the banthas had gone out of there mind tossing everyone on there backs off them. They were attacking all of the soldiers around them stomping on them. Zeorg’s troops were now scattered all around the never ending sand field. Zeorg stopped running as he noticed a cave near him. He walked toward the cave noticing tons of corpses around the entrance. He walked inside to see a corpse of a huge Krayt dragon. He forced jumped over the bones landing be side a strange machine shaped like a triangle. Zeorg used the force to push away the bones of the dragon and then lifted the machine in the air with the force. He walked out of the cave still force carrying the machine; he found a ship near the cave. He put the machine in the ship as he stole it. Zeorg quickly set the navi-computer to fly him to Coruscant so he could show his findings to lord Yoda.

Yoda was pleased when he saw Zeorg, enter the chamber. But his cheerful mood quickly changed to an exited glance as he saw the item he was carrying.

“Where find that did you?” Yoda asked him.

“I found it on Tatooine in a Krayt cave, along the North Mountains.” Zeorg responded with concern.

“Know what is do you?”

“No, master I do not.”

“Called a Star Map it is. 5 there are, together they can tell us the location of the great Star Forge.”

“Now, I have heard of the Star Forge but it was destroyed.”

“Ah, but learned I have, that because of the Rakatan technology the Forge can slowly forge back together.”

“So how do we find the Star Forge?”

“Bring me Karth Onasi you will.”


“His descendent, Carth Onasi, was there when Revan found the secret location.”

“As you wish, Master.” With that Zeorg turned and left the chamber leaving the Star Map behind.

Karth listened to the static that came from his comlink. He had heard the bomb hit and he knew TK was dead. Sadly, he switched off his comlink. He relaxed his twitching hands on the controls of the ship as he flew toward Kessel.

Obi-Wan ran toward the strange temple on Dantooine. He knew it was in ruins and was sure he couldn’t get in. But it was a worth a try. He slowed and walked up to the door. A pile of ruble was in front of it. Obi-Wan reached out through the force and moved the rubble one by one. Eventually the rubble was moved and Obi-Wan entered the temple to reveal its secrets.

Zeorg landed on Kessel and begun his search for the officer Karth Onasi. He ran toward the battle and ignited his lightsaber. There is always time for a little fun he thought. He flipped up and swung the saber killing two enemy sempire troops. A blaster bolt hit his saber and deflected into another enemy solider. He noticed a Stormtrooper across the field that had a man standing over him wearing a yempire emblem. The sight puzzled Zeorg. There weren’t many human troops in Yoda’s Empire who weren’t clones. He approached the human.
“Who are you,” he barked at the trooper.

“Karth Onasi, of the true Empire, sir,” Karth responded.

“Ah, then my mission is already complete,” Zeorg told him.

“What do you mean,” Karth asked him.

“Lord Yoda sent me to find you,”

“Lord Yoda, why does he care about me?”

“A certain reason, you’ll find out soon enough,”


Karth hesitated then followed Zeorg back to his ship.

Yoda looked at the ancestor of Carth Onasi. He didn’t look like much. He had already explained his reasons to Karth and had gotten all the answers he needed. He had already sent Zeorg out to Dantooine to get the next Map. He hoped this would work.

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