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Psycho kept chopping through the massive amounts of zombie. His chainsaw blade was covered in bool. His trenchcoat had turned slightly Reddish-black from the bool. He was tiring out. Then the ten foot zombie soon called up several dozens of the other zombies and grew into a massive gorilla like creature.

"oh crap." said Psychochaos. Acting quickly he chopped offf its head. Unluckily, more the head became more zombies and recombined with the body reforming the head.
"You have got to be kidding me." said Psycho.
Suddenly, a laser shot it in the back of the head.
The creature turned toward Darth, hungry for brain. the odd thing was the injury din't recover.

(Note:The Massive Zombie thing won't heal back if it's hit by a laser. Darth's the one with the laser so darth can beat it.)

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