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Darktrooper Phase3 is working quite well with the missiles, and definitely not useless. Phase1, on the other hand, is there mostly for completion sake I guess. I wish they five it more speed so they can charge into combat better, either that or a bit more HP, or lower the price.

Nightsisters, they are just sweet! I wish they can attack thru shields though, as they should. Well, remember one thing, make sure you get one close to some meat troops to leach off some health and you are fine.

Originally Posted by TearsOfIsha
Look, I'm getting sick of stating this, so this'll be the last time.

Interdictors are used to stop enemies from escaping into Hyperspace. That is it. They weren't designed to engage cruisers, nor were they designed to deploy artillery, carry ground forces/fighters, protect other cruisers from fighters, blow anything up or to be used as escorts. Hell, according to the canon, it wasn't even classified as a heavy cruiser. It didn't even have turbolasers!
Well, I am not asking for some uber guns on Interdictors. But rather, I would hope for better ability to defend against incoming attacks, mainly from bombers. Its not that much of a strategic tool if a few easy volley of missiles can disable it.

Thats why I am suggesting either boosting the time of its missile scrambling ability, or giving it a better set of anti-fighter/bomber guns. And yes, giving it a bit more HP(not too much) would be fine also. I reasonable combination of above would make it a unit more capable of defending itself, until help arrived.

Making it a huge carrier won't make sense. And giving it powerful guns only shorten its lifespan making it a even juicier target.

If you think boosting HP is the way, maybe they should just actually give the grav generator more hardpoints, balancing out the HP amongst them, boosting the total HP. That way you don't get disabled that easily.
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