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I primarily use the Imperials and I have no problems with any of the units. Haven't you considered the possibility that you simply just don't know how to use the units affectively?

-Dark Trooper phase 3(partially): While I think that the DT3 is an extremly cool and often useful unit, I have found that in most cases an AT-AT (which costs about the same and is available 2 tech grades before the DT3) outperforms him. Yes, the DT3 is far more manouverable and can shoot air units, but the AT-AT's ability to take far more of a beating and spam stormies most often is worth more than being able to jetpack.
Also, the DT3 gets owned by pulse tanks, which it should counter (according to its description)
The Dark Troopers phase 3 is one of the best units in the game. Infantry are easy targets for its long-range laser cannons and it can take quite a beating from plex soldiers. Pulse tanks are easily defeated by DT's phase 3, just switch to rockets and let the slaughter begin. The jet-pack is useful for a quick retreat to a repair station.

-interdictors (Who'd have thought that? ) There is no doubt that the ability to prevent an enemy fleet from fleeing can be useful, however that first requires you to win the battle, at which the interdictor fails. Its combat abilities are close to zero, and most often it isn't worth the pop cap and money to have a ship that can only do what you can achieve anway by destroying the enemy ship's engines.
ATM the interdictor is relatively good against fighters (for a cap ship).I'd find it interesting if the interdictor was improved in that area and could perform as a capital anti-fighter ship, giving the empire a truly unique unit.
Actually, I always bring in an interdictor with my fleet just for the missile-jamming systems. Y-wings, B-wings, MC-30's and Skiprays are rendered useless against an interdictor. They are excellent for guarding star destroyers and space stations against bombers. Just keep them protected with fighters and frigates. Best of all, the jamming system is not a HP and cannot be disabled until the interdictor is completely destroyed.

-TIE scout and TIE phantom: Both of these have only slight advantages over the standard TIE fighter, of which you get dozens and dozens per battle for free, and thus are really not worth the money and pop cap.
My suggestion would be to make the TIE scout (and possibly TIE phantom as well) take no pop cap in tactical battles; Like R2-D2 and C3PO a ship that cannot really fight should not force you to limit other ships that can.
For my idea for the TIE phantom let me quote Wookiepedia:
I'd find it cool if this was implemented in the game, making the TIE phantom able to shoot and cloak automatically right after that, making him a unique craft good for sneak attacks on enemy bombers (the time of cloaking should still be limited though)
I have found a number of uses for both the TIE phantom and the TIE scout.
-TIE scouts are useful for a number of reasons. Scouts can use their sensor ping to foil sneak attacks and identify enemy craft movement. They can be used to find enemies hiding in asteroid fields and can find enemy structures as well (turrets for example). Scouts are basically mobile sensor nodes.
-TIE phantoms are useful as well. The cloaking ability can be used to sneak behind enemy lines and hyperspace in an entire fleet thereby catching the enemy by surprise. Try hyperspacing in the Executor next to the enemy space station, I use this strategy many times and my victory is contributed directly to the humble TIE phantom. Phamtoms are blindingly fast, making them excellent dogfighters.

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