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My Revenge of the Sith "Infinity"

Star Wars Episode III: Redux

As the battle above Coruscant comes to a draw, there is no word yet on the survival of the Chancellor. As Anakin races towards the Invisible Hand, Obi-Wan chases after him, Obi-Wan is infuriated because in the hanger of the Jedi Temple, he specifically told him he shouldn’t go rescue the Chancellor because he is an evil Sith Lord. Enraged by this, Anakin chokes his master and throws him against a wall, and races towards his Jedi Starfighter. Now Anakin and Obi-Wan are in a bloodthirsty space duel, and Anakin has the upper hand. Anakin shoots down Obi-Wan, and he is rescued by the Venator destroyer, the “Illusion”.

As Anakin boards the Invisible Hand, he is confronted by Count Dooku, who then engage in a duel to the death. Dooku kicks Anakin against the wall and proceeds to shoot lightning at him. But, Anakin shoots lightning back at him, and Anakin’s lightning appears to be stronger, and Dooku is killed. In the hallway leading to the Chancellor, he hears the conversation “Count Dooku is dead, Grievous. Just as I predicted, soon, Anakin will be MINE!” Grievous is shocked by this and draws all 4 of his sabers on the Chancellor, who then draws his own lightsaber and they engage in a duel. Then one of the Chancellor’s hands is cut off and he is at the mercy of Grievous. Anakin then jumps out from behind and stabs Grievous in his heart.

The Chancellor then gives Anakin his new lightsaber, and they are off to kill the Jedi. Anakin races to the Jedi Temple, alone without any support. Obi-Wan sees this and strikes at Anakin, and they engage in their first of two duels in the next day. It comes to a draw as Anakin knocks Obi-Wan out with a lightning surge and moves on to the Temple. As Anakin approaches the Council Room, all of the council members confront him, and Anakin strikes them down with a Lightning Storm… All the Jedi in the Temple have been beat. Obi-Wan flees to Mustafar where he remains there until Anakin confronts him 14 hours later.

As Anakin and Obi-Wan proceed into the hallway leading to the lava arms, Obi-Wan deliberately destroys the heat shield controls and cuts one of the arms off, throwing Anakin off into the lava. But Anakin lands on a passing skiff, cutting down the miners on it, and once again engages Obi-Wan, who jumps onto a near-by droid. They engage until Obi-Wan jumps onto ground, and challenges Anakin to try to strike him down. Anakin jumps over Obi-Wan and cuts off his saber hand. Then Anakin grips Obi-Wan, who then pushes Anakin. Anakin lands on the lava skiff and shoots lightning at Obi-Wan. After about a minute, Obi-Wan dies, but Anakin is confronted by Master Yoda, who sensed Obi-Wan was in danger. Yoda pushed Anakin, and he almost landed on the skiff, but missed slightly. If it wasn’t for the Dark Side Protection spell Palpatine put on Anakin on the Invisible Hand, he would have died. Anakin suffered no burns in the lava, and was picked up by Emperor Palpatine later.

Anakin then returns to Coruscant and convinces Padme and her new-born son and daughter, Luke and Leia, to become Palpatine’s right hands. Three weeks after Obi-Wan was struck down, a group of miners took him to their medical facility, where he was given an infamous black suit.

Good point.. Updated with paragraphs

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