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I disengaged my hyperdrive and space pieced itself around me. With a few quick glances over my shoulder and a chirpy whistle from my astromech droid I was soon reassured I was safe, for now. A short thud vibrated through the cockpit and the gentle hum of sublight engines died out. Gandon had already stepped out onto the hangar floor and was being greeted by a ship guard. With a quick leap onto the deck I composed myself and joined Gandon's side.

The guard ushered us out of the hangar, marching boldly in the lead. As soon as my starfighter left my sights I grasped my sabre in a seemingly 'kneejerk' reaction.
The republic turned on us, what was stopping Organa?
"Calm yourself brother," Gandon reassured quietly from within his hood.
Within a few deep breaths my hands were soon cradling one another in front of me.

There was a strange disturbance in the force. Whether it was the countless Jedi still being culled on Coruscant and the Outer Rim or something much more devious. Only time would tell.

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