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Originally Posted by TearsOfIsha
Look, I'm getting sick of stating this, so this'll be the last time.

Interdictors are used to stop enemies from escaping into Hyperspace. That is it. They weren't designed to engage cruisers, nor were they designed to deploy artillery, carry ground forces/fighters, protect other cruisers from fighters, blow anything up or to be used as escorts. Hell, according to the canon, it wasn't even classified as a heavy cruiser. It didn't even have turbolasers!
This is a gameplay>realism issue I think. There should be situations when the Interdictor is a better option than the Victory (who is about the same price and pop cap), however ATM there practically aren't because (as lukeiamyourdad pointed out) there are easier ways of stopping an enemy from hyperspacing out; it's often even good if he flees because he's taking 4 times the damage and can't shoot back for the duration of 10 second and all ships with their engines down automatically die when the rest of the fleet hypers out.
IMO the main problem with the interdictor is that it is required for the imp player to have a Force far superior to that of the enemy (so superior that he can afford investing 3000 credits into something that won't help in the actual battle) for it to become useful, at which point the imp player propably has won anyway.

Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
Nightsisters, they are just sweet! I wish they can attack thru shields though, as they should. Well, remember one thing, make sure you get one close to some meat troops to leach off some health and you are fine.
That's the problem. Have you ever tried going with foots only against archers in WC3? Footies easily defeat archers in close combat, however they most often never get close enough to profit from that.
Almost everything is faster than the nightsister, so if you just micromanage properly and keep your units out of melee range, you'll eventually defeat her even with a Stormie (OK, exaggerating here a little, but almost everything with a ranged attack should suffice)

Originally Posted by Valter
I primarily use the Imperials and I have no problems with any of the units. Haven't you considered the possibility that you simply just don't know how to use the units affectively?
Actually, yes, in the first sentence of my post...

Originally Posted by Valter
The Dark Troopers phase 3 is one of the best units in the game. Infantry are easy targets for its long-range laser cannons and it can take quite a beating from plex soldiers. Pulse tanks are easily defeated by DT's phase 3, just switch to rockets and let the slaughter begin. The jet-pack is useful for a quick retreat to a repair station.
Yes, the DT3 ist relatively good vs. infantry, but so is the AT-AT with its spammable stormies.
And have you ever really tried using DT3s against pulse tanks?? A DT phase 3 is killed by 2-3 shots of one pulse tank (unless that's another bug), meaning that if you attack 1 unit of pulse tanks (4 tanks) with one unit of DT3s (1 trooper), it'll die in the first shot (the DT that is...)
Originally Posted by Valter
Actually, I always bring in an interdictor with my fleet just for the missile-jamming systems. Y-wings, B-wings, MC-30's and Skiprays are rendered useless against an interdictor. They are excellent for guarding star destroyers and space stations against bombers. Just keep them protected with fighters and frigates. Best of all, the jamming system is not a HP and cannot be disabled until the interdictor is completely destroyed.
I agree that you can shield one of your cap ships completely from bombers (with one interdicor that is), however so can 1-2 Tartans or a few fighters which intercept them before they can shoot, and your other cap ships are still vulnerable. I am not saying the interdictor is useless, it even saved my neck once when attacking a bribed planet and getting no fighters to defend against bombers, however all in all the victory (a comparable unit) still wins by far.

Originally Posted by Valter
I have found a number of uses for both the TIE phantom and the TIE scout.
-TIE scouts are useful for a number of reasons. Scouts can use their sensor ping to foil sneak attacks and identify enemy craft movement. They can be used to find enemies hiding in asteroid fields and can find enemy structures as well (turrets for example). Scouts are basically mobile sensor nodes.
-TIE phantoms are useful as well. The cloaking ability can be used to sneak behind enemy lines and hyperspace in an entire fleet thereby catching the enemy by surprise. Try hyperspacing in the Executor next to the enemy space station, I use this strategy many times and my victory is contributed directly to the humble TIE phantom. Phamtoms are blindingly fast, making them excellent dogfighters.
Again I am not saying they are useless. However both things you mentioned could have been achived by 2-3 squadrons of regular TIEs, which you get for free (it's not that hard to sneak something close to an enemy starbase even if it isn't cloaked, and 12-18 interceptors should be able to dish out as much damage as 3 phantoms). While TIE scouts and phantoms have their uses, they aren't good enough compared to the regular TIEs to be worth the money and pop cap.
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