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Originally Posted by lukeiamyourdad
Actually, if you had played the Star Wars flight sims, you'd know that the Interdictor cruisers there had the ability to carry a small amount of starfighters.
It was even capable to take a few punches, facing other medium-sized capital ships, though it wasn't the best of ideas.
Yes, I've played Star Wars flight sims, I know this. I've also played Republic Commando, where blaster pistols don't need any ammo, and I've played KOTOR too, where *nothing* requires ammo and Jedi literally can't use a lot of their abilities if they wear armour. Games tend to have a lot of license with the canon.

My point here is that EaW is a strategy game, and using an Interdictor should depend on your strategy, not on how many guns it has. Otherwise it opens the argument for why Rebel cruisers can't carry fighters etc etc.
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