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"Zombies Zombies and more zombies! Goddam Zombies. They just keep coming. " said Psycho.

The forumites kept battling on through. Dav had run out of ammo. Luckily Psycho had chopped through most of the zombiessurrounding Dav. More powerful zombies showed up.

"Damn it!" said Psycho.
There were several wolfins and a slasher just waiting for brain. Darth took out the slasher with here laser. Zelda and mayhem were able to take care of 2 wolfins. That just left Psycho with a octo zombie. (octozombie:When zombies combie to creat a monster with 8 bodies as legs and head made of heads you get an octo zombie) He quickly chopped off its legs and sliced his head into pieces.

Soon all the zombies combined to create about a dozen more octo zombies.

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