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Originally Posted by Naso
I didn't mean their strategy, but more of an equalization at the end. Most of my impressions come from the x-wing series, but I thought that if they'd gotten more tie avengers and defenders out they would have at least neutralized the rebel advantage in that area. Since the tie defender made it in to begin with, the whole Zaarin deal is relatively canon, right?
Yeah, but it's also Canon that they only used a few squadrons of Defenders and used Interceptors and TIE/Ins mostly. Are you suggesting the Empire have a unit limit on defenders? 6 squads or something? That sounds a bit mad.

But there is the fact that the imperials never really considered fighters to be a particualrly important part of the war machine until Thrawn took the reins.

Originally Posted by darthcarth
Like i have said before the perto devs didnt not focus to mcuh on the other two sides the wanted zann to be uber so they did that not thinking about any of the fans of the other sides.
That's pretty much the impression I got. They balantly didn't bother to balance the consortium side.

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