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After marching through the twists and turns of the ship's hallways, we arrived in front of a silver door. The guard pulled out a security card and swiped it in a small security box. When the door opened it revealed a long table with Bail Organa and Obi-Wan Kenobi sitting on two different sides with Master Yoda sitting at the head. "Master Gandon, Mikahal, filled with joy we are to see you again," Yoda stated. "As we are to see you, Master Yoda. The Temple was attacked by a legion of clones. They were led by..." I stopped knowing that the truth might be to much for Obi-Wan. "Anyway, we led the survivors to Ord Mantell. They are there as we speak. What do you think we should do Master?" "Hmm, hard to say young one. Decided we have to go to the Temple. Recallibrate the code we must." Then Obi-Wan spoke up. "Yes, if there are any other survivors we must stop them from entering the trap."

"I agree," Bail replied. Yoda nodded and Mikahal and I took our seats. Just as we sat down a guard came in. "Senator, we are getting a transmission from a Sergeant Alixe Medcraft."

There is a difference between being smart and being wise; being smart is knowing what you believe to be right, but being wise is knowing the truth.

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