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Yes, the DT3 ist relatively good vs. infantry, but so is the AT-AT with its spammable stormies.
And have you ever really tried using DT3s against pulse tanks?? A DT phase 3 is killed by 2-3 shots of one pulse tank (unless that's another bug), meaning that if you attack 1 unit of pulse tanks (4 tanks) with one unit of DT3s (1 trooper), it'll die in the first shot (the DT that is...)
One on one, a DT phase 3 will always defeat a pulse tank. However, there are no units in the game that can stand up to 4 pulse tanks (not even an AT-AT).
Here are some suggestions for using the DT phase 3 effectively...
- Use Phase 3's to defend AT-AT's from flanking and infantry attacks.
- Build an EM field generator on an MDU and defend it with a DT phase 3, in return the DT is defended from all long range rocket attacks, nullifying it's weakness.
- Phase 3's are excellent for destroying Canderous tanks because their rockets bypass all shield defenses.

I agree that you can shield one of your cap ships completely from bombers (with one interdicor that is), however so can 1-2 Tartans or a few fighters which intercept them before they can shoot, and your other cap ships are still vulnerable. I am not saying the interdictor is useless, it even saved my neck once when attacking a bribed planet and getting no fighters to defend against bombers, however all in all the victory (a comparable unit) still wins by far.
Acutually, one interdictor can defend an entire fleet from proton torpedoes and missles if you group your forces together properly. Tartans can only destroy fighters, unlike the interdictor tartans can't do anything to an MC-30 and they can't neutralize incoming missiles.
How can you compare an interdictor to a Victory cruiser? One is a battleship and the other is a support vessel, they are two different kinds of ships and they have two different purposes.

Again I am not saying they are useless. However both things you mentioned could have been achived by 2-3 squadrons of regular TIEs, which you get for free (it's not that hard to sneak something close to an enemy starbase even if it isn't cloaked, and 12-18 interceptors should be able to dish out as much damage as 3 phantoms). While TIE scouts and phantoms have their uses, they aren't good enough compared to the regular TIEs to be worth the money and pop cap.
How can 2-3 squadrons of TIE interceptors sneak undetected to an enemy base and hyperspace in the Executor? Normal TIE's don't have the sensor ping or the stealth abilities so how can they do everything the Scout and Phantom can do?
I agree with you about firepower though, a couple squadrons of interceptors can outperform a squadron of Phantoms or Scouts in battle but dogfighting is not the primary purpose of either craft. Recon and surgical strike are the primary abilities of the Scout and Phantom.

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