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Originally Posted by Naso
No no no, my impression is that at the higher tech levels, imps having good fighters would fit, since if they *could* have gotten more to the frontlines, they would have started to turn the tables on the rebels, but all the defenders/avengers were taking care of Zaarin during Endor and all that.
Nah, you're misunderstanding it. Zaarin wasn't the reason there were only a few Defenders and whatnot, The Empire never really believed fighters were the way forward. There were too many influential voices in the Imperial Navy that were against them, so they never got built - they were generally seen as an experiment. As I said, the Defender only got produced in *very* limited amounts - and after Endor, definitely after the fall of Coruscant, I think production stopped altogether. The only new-style fighters that were being produced were Scimitars that Thrawn used at that point. The Defender went the way of the Tie x1.
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