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"I am taking a very long, very hot shower after this..." Mayhem grumbled, "I'm covered in zombie slobber, guts and blood and gah! My clothes... it will take forever to get these stains out!" Hell hath no fury like a girl's scorn. Especially if you've just ruined her clothes. Powered by a newfound fury, Mayhem threw all her cocktails and icinerated at least 2 of the octozombies.

"Haha! That will teach ya! Uh, Dav...the fight's this way... fine. Kill yourself. I get to keep all your cool stuff" Mayhem said, then taking notice of Jimmy "Hey Jimmy! I tried to drag ya up here... but whatever! Take this baseball bat!' She threw the bat at him, luckily it didn't hit his head, Just his arm. Wait... yeah, he was fine.

Yay patio umbrellas! Succesfully slamming into the zombie about to eat Zel as she had done before (crashing again, but Mayhem doesnt learn), Mayhem sprayed the disenfectant on herself, and the waking Zelda. "Pass it around ... Yeesh, there are WAY too many of them. I dunno bout ya guys, but I' fallin' back and hiding in the nearest Hollister..."
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