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Mayhem never reached the Hollister. If there was anything good, it was that only a few zombies had eeked in through the other elevators and escalators. But some had managed to trail her. Mayhem ran into the nearest Music Store, the zombies slowly lumbering behind. She popped in a CD ... hip hop. Good thing these zombies were into it, cuz they started dancing and completely ignoring her. Taking a small boombox and hoisting it onto her shoulder, Mayhem carefully made her way to the exit of the store. A zombie lunged for her but she pulled back, "Nuh-uh! Dont you make me put in this Celine Dion!" She waved the CD above her head to prove her point. Needless to say, she got no trouble from there.

"Yo, Dav! Whatcha doin!?"
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