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Thats right you can expect a public beta or version 1.0 soon. Tt will include EVERYTHING that is in the current mod team alpha. We are planning on releasing it some time near christmas, but it is not set.

For those HK-47 fans heres a screenshot of him using his flamethrower.

Kath Hound

Bastila with a Jedi robe


Light Side/Soldier Revan

and two wallpapers for all AoSW fans to use:

->Selkath ingame video<-

As said above you can expect our next release soon, so that means we will be needing beta testers. We will be choosing beta testers soon; they will be people who have registered on our forums.

In addition to beta testers, we're looking for some talented mappers to come and help us out with the mod since we wish to provide a better game experience for you all.

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