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Where does one start? I agree with certain points raised by pretty much every poster. I think EaW suffers from the counter-unit syndrome where a unit is changed so that it performs a function but is not so well rounded that a player could use it exclusively. An interdictor which is much tougher, has turbo lasers and can spawn fighters would be so versatile would you use anything else? I have since tested the Interdictor and its missile scrambling field has been greatly improved from what I remember to work like in the standard game. However, like the Acclamator, its armor is nothing more than a couple of sheets of tin-foil/al-foil stapled to the hull and its shields powered by 4 AA batteries. The Empire faction works well enough but all their warships seem on the fragile side to me. I like the simulator version but I dont want the interdictor to have fighters because it wont spawn many and thats pretty useless but they really need to be tougher and given a few more laser cannons. At present they are outgunned by corvettes. From all the info I have read it is a heavy cruiser (size, power output, crew, armour, shielding) and it is should reflect that, even if it is a little undergunned. Preventing a force from escaping can turn into a pyrrhic victory sometimes too; I have had experiences where I have been attacked by HUGE forces (over 100 cap) with a force of only 20 or so with an interdictor or DS2 and once you destroy the cap ships, frigs etc of the enemy fleet they want to escape. If you force them to stay and fight then you must destroy them entirely and have the endurance to do it. By doing this you can take unnecessary or heavy losses.

As for Phantoms and Scouts, YertyL thinks as I do; as long as your prepared to sacrifice one squadron you can scout a map, get in close to an enemy station etc, without using up a pop cap that you could use a much more useful TIE/Def for eg...recon in force!

The Darktrooper Phase 3 I find just lacks mobility. It may sound strange saying that when it has jump jets and can cross the entire map, but that is hazardous. I guess it depends on your style of play but I like everything I send into battle to come home. For starters its alot more economical. They are expensive and seem to lack the HPs of ATATs and to best use them they need to be supported. ATATs come with their own, albeit limited, but never ending support. In the defence of the DT3 I did use them to conquer the last remaining planet I had left in a GC owned by the ZC. It was Nal Hutta which has a very limited intial pop cap (3) and a narrow path of advance...basically a meat grinder. They had maximum buildings built and a considerable garrison. I tried assault after assault but with the garrison they had and facing every ZC hero on the one planet it was impossible. So I built 12 DT Phase 3s and then sent them in waves of suicide missions, jumping all over the map and destroyed all their infrastructure before a final successful invasion. Sure they were effective and did something no other unit could do, but none came home and it cost me about 10,000 credits to do it.
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