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"So many." Thought Pscho. "Where the F#ck is Zelda?" said Psycho.

Soon, the unearthly amount of zombies burst throughto their floor.

"I didn't think I would have to use ... it so early." said Psycho. Psycho took out a coke can and drank it. His Chainsaw blade started glowing.

"Bankai!!!" screamed Psycho as his Chainsaw blade turned into a black katana with a buddist manji (Nazi Swastika for those who don't know) at the hilt.

"Timme to kick some arse." said Psycho.

At unhumane spped he sliced annd diced through the hourds. Zombie by zombie fell cut in half to the ground. The hourds were shrinking at incredible rate. The other forumites watched in awe at the unexpected power of his attacks. Blood was spilling everywhere. Zombie guts all over the ground. Psycho had eliminated the ranks.

His sword returned to its original form and Psycho passed out.
More zombies came and the forumites prepared to make sure Psycho didn't get eaten.

(Hehe. BLEACH reference)

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