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Originally Posted by Valter
One on one, a DT phase 3 will always defeat a pulse tank. However, there are no units in the game that can stand up to 4 pulse tanks (not even an AT-AT).
If you pit 2 Darktroopers (1800 Credits, 2 pop cap) against 4 pulse tanks (1800 Credits, 1 pop cap) they will be defeated - and the ZC even generally gets more money! That just isn't what you'd call a counter...
Originally Posted by Valter
Here are some suggestions for using the DT phase 3 effectively...
- Use Phase 3's to defend AT-AT's from flanking and infantry attacks.
- Build an EM field generator on an MDU and defend it with a DT phase 3, in return the DT is defended from all long range rocket attacks, nullifying it's weakness.
- Phase 3's are excellent for destroying Canderous tanks because their rockets bypass all shield defenses.
-the first job will be better done by a much cheaper squad of TIE maulers or AT-STs (or 2 or 3 - that would still be cheaper) - most often you'll not want to escort an anti-tank unit with another anti-tank unit
-I can't really argue about the other 2 tactics since I haven't tried them out, however the first one seems a bit unpractical since it requires you not to move your position. The second one could be a valid point though, perhaps the role of the DT3 is to be a Anti-Canderous weapon

Originally Posted by Valter
Acutually, one interdictor can defend an entire fleet from proton torpedoes and missles if you group your forces together properly. Tartans can only destroy fighters, unlike the interdictor tartans can't do anything to an MC-30 and they can't neutralize incoming missiles.
How can you compare an interdictor to a Victory cruiser? One is a battleship and the other is a support vessel, they are two different kinds of ships and they have two different purposes.
I dunno, but it seems to me that an interdictor covers a field pretty much the size of one Star Destroyer - and no human player will attack the ship the interdictor covers with bombers.
And I compare the victory and interdictor because they're about the same money and pop cap - so if the victory wins in almost every scenario, a player will prefer to spend his money on that ship, making the int. obsolete

Originally Posted by valter
How can 2-3 squadrons of TIE interceptors sneak undetected to an enemy base and hyperspace in the Executor? Normal TIE's don't have the sensor ping or the stealth abilities so how can they do everything the Scout and Phantom can do?
I have rarely seen anyone patroulling the whole area in the LOS of his space station with anti-fighter ships. Even if he does, I doubt that none of your craft will last long enough to get into the LOS of the space station, even when under attack - you just have to try a little different tactic than heading straight for the enemy...
Originally Posted by valter
Recon and surgical strike are the primary abilities of the Scout and Phantom.
Well, they are in the manual. See above for recon;and concerning the surgical strikes, in reality most often the following thing will happen:
-TIE phantom attacks an enemy bomber or fighter squad (and decloaks)
-TIE phantom is eliminated by the sorrounding ships before being able to cloak again
-with luck the enemy loses perhaps 1-2 bombers (aprox. 140-200 (or 0) credits), you lose a squad of TIE phantoms (don't know the exact vaulue, but something like 375 credits I think)

I don't think any human player will leave his bomber squads undefended somewhere in space to wait for them to be shot down.
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