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Another chapter finally. The next few chapters might not make sense but it does involve a passing of time and I was thinking how I am going to keep the kids in it. They might run away, I don't know yet but it's coming along.

Chapter 22

Atton opened his eyes to a bright light and a face with kind brown eyes staring down at him. At first he thought it was Mira but the picture came into focus to reveal Michaela. She smiled, “There you are. You had a nasty bump on the head.”

Atton sat up wincing and found that he had been dragged back into the safe house. Jolee was busy with his Jedi friend and Mission was working on T3 who had suffered some blaster damage. He looked around and asked, “The boys? Morgan?” He failed to notice that Dustil and Caelos had arrived looking worse for the wear with Caelos looking concerned and Dustil looking content.

“Gone,” Michaela replied softly. She restrained him to explain better, “Not them.”

“We found a few bodies of the guys that jumped you,” Mission added.

“Any idea where?” Atton asked. He was worried but something told him that everything was all right. He wasn’t sure if it was the headache talking or what. “My head feels like that trash compactor rolled on it.”

T3 beeped indignantly making Michaela smile. She replied, “No but judging from the damage done to the bodies I have a pretty good idea where they are at.”

Kirabaros felt numb but he was secure. He managed to get through the emergency session after the attack which left him confused. After all there was an attack outside the Senate chambers and that was a big thing in of itself. The senators were very persistent, at least those from the Outer Rim. His biggest problem was the fact that Revan was to be moved to a high security building. Carth masked his irritation well but it didn’t fool Kirabaros who relied on his empath abilities to really sense what was brewing. He didn’t mention it until afterwards with his, “You’re getting better at hiding your irritation.”

“I don’t understand how the Republic could think that Revan is a criminal. I mean she’s a hero,” Carth replied looking helpless.

Kirabaros gazed at Carth and felt pity for him. He didn’t like this at all either but Avalon had to show that they could be another contributing and law abiding system. He replied, “Well at least I’ll be there for her.”

“That’s a relief.” The statement was simple but held a lot of meaning between the two. Carth then let out a sigh and said, “Admiral Dodonna requested my presence at HQ. For what I don’t know but somehow I get the feeling that this isn’t over.”

“No it isn’t,” Kirabaros replied looking out at the landscape. He seemed to be thinking to Carth that he didn’t want to interrupt him. He waited until Kirabaros said, “Well I got to go if I’m going to boss the security around.”

Carth saw him to the transport and said, “Take care.”

Kirabaros smiled and said, “Don’t worry. They’ll be all right.” He watched as Carth smiled a smile of relief and turned to go towards his transport. He didn’t go far before Kirabaros called softly, “Watch out for Keegan. He’s not all that he appears to be.”

Carth looked at him in the eye and nodded.

Draconis had been watching the holonet and saw the footage that had been captured of the attack. That bounty hunter is good, he thought as he saw the shot that started the explosions. He watched as Kirabaros rolled and deflected the shots that followed. He’s toying with Kirabaros.

He watched Keegan fall back. Keegan was good at pretending to be afraid and the like but Draconis had the sneaking suspicion that Kirabaros would figure it out. He didn’t know of Kirabaros’ special ability but he figured that since he was a Jedi he would be able to sense something. Draconis just watched with an amused look on his face. The results of the Senate amused him even more. For the moment nothing seemed to put a damper on his amusement. At least not until the bell rang.

Jaqrand hated toying with this Jedi but Coruscant was no place to kill a Jedi. There were too many there anyway. He was impressed however at how quickly Kirabaros reacted. He learned his lesson from the last time, he thought and it pleased him. Jaqrand enjoyed a challenge but what he really wanted was the traitor. Still he had a job to do and the sooner he took care of it, the sooner he could catch the traitor.

After firing off the rounds and the explosion, he holstered his weapon and retreated to where he left his speeder. He packed his weapon with care in the special holder and jumped into the pilot’s seat. He received a message telling him to give up the hunt for the Jedi. A sad thing indeed but after the meatheads his client hired to grab the kids, it probably would be the best.

He took off in his speeder and disappeared into the crowd of air speeders with a look of firm satisfaction on his face. Things were going good. It made being a bounty hunter all the worthwhile.

If there were headache pills for droids, HK could have used it right now. After Morgan’s outburst demanding for his papa, Lilah started bawling for her mother and Tulre was trying to get a hold of the pilot controls to try and go back. HK finally barked out, “Irritated Statement: Hutt spawn of the Handsome Meatbag I order you to stop of this shall result in permanent silence.”

“Fine you walking tin can,” Tulre burst out in a fit of temper. He turned his attention to Lilah and Morgan trying to calm him down. When their sobs subsided, he directed his attention to the droid and demanded, “Listen up HK. Tell us where we are going and no lies or I’ll be forced to take a hydrospanner to you.”

“Commentary: One would hope that you would become as harsh a taskmaster as the Handsome Meatbag.”


“Statement: Protocol dictates that I tell you that I am taking you to a secure location. It does not however require that I tell you anything of the meatbags responsible for you.”

Tulre paused trying to think about what HK just said. He knew that his Dada made some modifications to HK with Aunt Reva’s permission of course. Lilah and Morgan were looking at him questioningly and he had no idea what to say to them. Instead he decided to try a carefully worded question, “Where is this secure location?”

“Statement: You stay with me though why, I cannot understand. You meatbags produce too many complications.”

Seeing that no adequate answer was to be given, Tulre glanced at Lilah and Morgan with a look on his face that held a statement. They nodded and settled down. They had a vague idea that HK would protect them but as to where they were to go, that was something they would eventually found out. The three of them huddled on the backseat and fell asleep, exhausted from the rush of adrenaline and all the running.

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