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Originally Posted by Valter
One maurader cruiser or corvette can wipe out an entire recon force of TIE Defenders and TIE Interceptors without any difficulty preventing any recon mission from being a success. The Phantom however has no problems. Besides, sending in TIE Interceptors and TIE Defenders reveals your position and makes it easier for the enemy to know where to send their cruisers and fighters.
I disagree. If your 'volunteer' TIE sqdn is annihiliated by missiles on one side of the map, then i think you have found where the enemy is! I dont see how sending a sqdn reveals where you are since its purpose is to detach from the main force and go looking at different points on the map. The sqdn could have come from anywhere. You dont fly directly from your fleet; you fly along the perimeter of the map and come from a different angle, thus giving the impression your fleet is in another direction. Thats my tactic anyway.

Fair enough the interdictor in this game is not made for combat but if they are to be useful they will always come under attack and suffer damage in my experience. To cover the cruisers etc they have to fight right along side them and while they may jam missiles they are very vulnerable to enemy cruisers and fighters...especialy star vipers although we know now they will be nerfed. Rather than plug away at the bigger cap ships the AI has seemed to target heroes or weaker ships and once the interdictors shields are down its hardpoints have very few HPs. If youre just going to sit it back and stop retreats its a different story. It really should be pop cap 2.

I agree the DT Ph 3 would make an excellent defensive unit but that is not how I play as the Empire but of course there are times when they have to dig in. As my example shows they are an excellent, if expendable assault unit. But if your tight on cash that is not an option.
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