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Zelda awoke in a different room, the smell of rotten corspe all around her. She looked around, before noticing she was tied up and had a rag over her mouth. She noticed a few piles of flesh and bones, while two zombies snacked on it, ignoring her. One stopped and stared at her. Her heart raced as it lingered to her, a piece of bloody flesh in it's hands.
~thinking~ Oh no, I'm so dead. I don't want to die.
She started to cry, as it dropped the flesh on her pants.

Zombie: Eat...... it........ master.........
~thinking~ Master? It thinks I'm it's MASTER? others.....come....... master has awoken........

Ten other zombies entered the small room, carring metel objects.

Zelda: Uh, how am I your master?
Zombie: Other master is evil...... You show emotion....... Other master doesn't.... We help you and your friends........

The zombie took a metel piece from the ground and used it to cut Zelda's rope. She broke out of it and stood up to look at the zombies.

Zelda: Uhh, thanks. What's your name?
Zombie: Danyetta. Yours?
Zelda: Uhh, Abby. Or Zelda, whichever.
Danyetta: Well then, Abby, we will be glad to assist you and your friends. ZOMBIES: MARCH!

Danyetta led Zelda and the zombies to an airway above where everyone was. They dropped down in and the group starred at them. Dav started to shot at Danyetta, but Zelda stopped him.

Zelda: No, they're good zombies! They wanna help. They got me out of there.

She went to Mayhem, who was watching Mulan.
Zelda: Dude, what happened to Psycho???

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