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What's this??? RH double posted!?!

Yes I did, so that this post would be at the top of the page.

To remind everyone of this threads rules, I am going to repeat the thread rules again...

Edit: I am adding some ground rules here...
  1. Please do not post only one mod, post a list if you want more than one mod. Multiple requests for a single mod in a short time will result in the posts being deleted.
  2. Please do not post "Thanks!" or "Thank You!" Posts. As they clutter up the thread, you can always edit in the Thank you into your previous post. These posts will be deleted.
  3. Please actually take some time and browse the Taris Upper City Emporium and the sites contained in the Where Can I Find Mods thread, before posting here.
  4. Check the list in the first post in this thread before posting a link request.
  5. This thread is for requesting KotOR or KotOR II:TSL Mods only. Any other requests for mods or tools for other games will simply be deleted.
Thanks. -RH

Once again posts that are not mod requests or people posting links to said requested mods will be simply deleted as clutter. Thanks.

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