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Yeah sure Pottsie and for that I'll give a new chapter and wait two weeks before posting the next

Chapter 23
The accommodations brought back memories, bad memories. The bunk was comfortable, if you liked the feel of hard metal on your back through the thin mattress. The room itself was plain containing the bunk, a refresher and a writing desk. No attempt had been made to make it comfortable and its purpose was made clear. The only difference was that the force shield didn’t have to be on. Still it was afar cry from the pleasant home at the villa near Jasilyn.

Revan sat outside the cell looking out the window of the main detention area, thinking about what had happened and most important: where her daughter was now. She had listened to the Senate proceedings with little attention but enough to realize that they weren’t going to let her go that easily. She knew she had to answer for all the crimes that she committed so long ago but there was a part of her that wished that she could be back home. Just being there brought back memories, the feeling of imprisonment. The bright side was that there were no torture cells. Revan paled when the thought crossed her mind for she could still hear the screams, Carth’s screams begging for mercy.

Kirabaros found her looking like this and reached out with his senses. He guessed at what may have been bothering her and chose the words, “Imprisonment is no fun but at least you don’t have to stand in one place for long.”

Revan looked at him with a smile and said, “Always looking for a bright spot don’t you?”

Kirabaros sat beside her, “Well Pretty Girl with all the trouble you cause, I need to find it.”

The little chuckle was endearing to him as she smiled and turned away from the window. She asked, “Everyone else?”

“What would you say if I told you everyone thinks differently?” Kirabaros looked at her with a questioning look.

“I would have to say that you know something but I won’t pry,” Revan returned his gaze with confidence. “So any idea when I can leave this gray box?” she changed the subject.

Kirabaros hid his amusement and laughter behind a smile and replied, “You know as well as I that I can bully security to let you go anywhere provided I go with you and you don’t leave Coruscant.”

“Much like your time on Telos?” she teased.

Kirabaros flushed a color, “You had to bring that up didn’t you?”

“Come on let’s go for a walk. I need to stretch and you can tell me all about how you met everyone,” Revan egged, pulling on his arm.

Kirabaros marveled at how well Revan took to the situation. He had asked her to let him handle everything in his own way. Heck she even approved of the protocol he developed for HK though he gave credit to the assassination protocols to his son. He found out after he had been hit by the sniper rifle and had been impressed with his ability. What really impressed him was Tulre’s affinity to the Force. Combined with Lilah and Morgan, he had watched the three of them play and at times often speak with only an occasional word between them and had seen the Force swirl around them. He could only wonder how the three of them would get along with the droid in the place that he arranged. He said nothing as he held out his arm and guided Revan out.

Carth stood in High Admiral Dodonna’s office feeling confused and annoyed at the whole situation. He wasn’t alone though. Admiral Keegan was there as well and he remembered what Kirabaros said. It was hard for him because he had known Keegan for a while and while they weren’t friends per se, they were members of the Republic fleet and they were colleagues. He thought back to when he voiced his doubts to Revan about the Republic. He knew that Kirabaros wouldn’t lie to him either. He just kept cool as he stood at an at ease position and listened to Dodonna breaking his silence only to voice, “Admiral Dodonna, I don’t understand why it is necessary to place extra security. Kirabaros is perfectly capable…”

“If I may, it looks as if this Kirabaros doesn’t have the necessary skills that a Republic soldier has,” Keegan interrupted with a certain smugness.

“Carth he is right. Jedi or no this Kirabaros seems to attract trouble wherever he goes,” Dodonna replied.

“If I recall Admiral, civilian recruits have been used as part of the fleet. We went as far to use smugglers and scouts,” Carth countered.

“If you are referring to a certain scout that was recruited at the Jedi’s request, I’d say that you were lied to,” Keegan responded. “Weren’t you the one distrusted Jedi and yet here you are vouching for one.”

“Things change Keegan.” Carth felt as if he was in front of a board of inquiry but he had to stay strong.

“Right. You even married one. One that I remind you was a former Sith Lord,” Keegan rubbed it in Carth’s face.

“She’s not that person anymore,” Carth replied through gritted teeth.

“Yes. Very convenient that she should have amnesia,” Keegan replied with an obvious hatred. “She deserves to be imprisoned.”

“Enough you two,” Dodonna replied but a little too late.

“You have no idea what it’s like for her, waking up from nightmares that are really memories,” Carth looked scarlet but he kept his voice steady. “You have no idea Keegan.”

“Enough,” Dodonna replied more firmly. Carth and Keegan eyed each other warily with their tempers flaring. “The issue here is the incident that happened. It is obvious that there are those that feel that Revan is still a threat and want to take it out on her. The fact that they have been targeting the Avalonian senator also is disturbing. It is necessary that there be extra security.” Seeing Carth was about ready to protest, Dodonna held up her hand, “I will personally select the officers responsible for security. Should something happen here on Coruscant, we can proceed from there. Dismissed.”

Saluting, both men took their leave only to have Carth be halted by Dodonna’s ‘Carth a moment.’ Keegan left however and started down the hall. He was satisfied knowing that he got under Onasi’s skin about Revan. Even though he couldn’t hit Revan directly, at least he could hit her husband. As much as he admired Onasi for his heroism, he couldn’t help but feel betrayed that Onasi would marry the schutta and to top it off, have a kid. It didn’t matter; the three that Draconis hired should have the kids by now. Things were looking good right now as he headed towards the count’s apartment.

“Carth, I know how you feel about the whole thing,” Dodonna was speaking after Keegan had left. “Believe me when I say this, I know that Revan is not the same as she was ten years ago. That’s why I feel it is necessary.”

“I know that Admiral. I agree but I can’t shake the feeling that someone from the Republic is behind this,” Carth replied looking tired.

“Is that your feeling or rather your friend’s?”


Atton was pacing like a demented rooster at the new accommodations with everyone else. Caelos was with Dustil and encouraging more use of the Force. Jolee and that Jedi went back to the temple to explain the situation and Rowan and Michaela were conversing in Avalonian or one of those dialects with T3 in the corner powered down. Atton was worried for Morgan. He trusted Kirabaros but the psycho droid was another story. It was no secret that he didn’t like droids, the exception being T3 though he wasn’t going to admit it.

Atton stopped pacing and stood staring out the window. Kirabaros was supposed update them or something. He felt lost. Morgan was all he had left in the galaxy after Mira died. He remembered when she told him in her last transmission to take care of Morgan and to tell him that mommy loves him. That last bit he felt lousy at because he was not one to say sentiments. He was internally beating himself with regret and worry so much that he didn’t see Michaela approach him until her voice was in his ear whispering, “It’ll be all right.”

“Can’t help it. My kid is…”

“I know. But he’s with my son and HK is the best choice.” Michaela tried to use the voice she used to soothe Tulre when he was hurt.

“It’s not that. The problem is not knowing where they are,” Atton replied with a burst of temper.

“I don’t know where they are either but you do trust Kirabaros don’t you?” Michaela returned with a little fire.

“A good Bushida warrior knows to trust his brother in arms. To even have a hint of losing faith is dishonor,” Rowan joined in.

Atton wanted badly to roll his eyes at Rowan and his Avalonian teachings but he respected Kirabaros too much. He knew that Kirabaros was doing what he thought was right. He told him that he trusted him. The least he could do was have faith. He nodded at Rowan to tell him he acknowledged him but he said differently, “I do trust him but I have to know,” and made his way towards the door.

“Where are you going?” Michaela asked.

“I don’t but I am going to find my son,” Atton turned back towards the door.

“Don’t leave yet,” came Michaela’s voice unusually firm. She stood tall and imposing, dressed like her Handmaiden sisters. Her eyes had a hard glint in them; much like that she had during the war. She waited until Atton turned to face her and said, “You can’t venture into the Outer Rim without help. I don’t know about you but I am coming with you.”

“As is I,” Rowan replied, “A fellow warrior needs backup even on the simplest of missions.”

Caelos and Dustil stood up. It was Caelos who said, “We’ll help too. We can keep an eye on things here. Whoever has been after Kirabaros and Revan more likely were after the kids. That’s why he sent them off. The mastermind is more than likely trying to spark distrust between our people and the Republic and Revan is the best choice.”

“Well said Caelos,” Michaela replied. “I hope you inform the Council at least as to any threats and anything you think necessary?”

“Of course honored wife of Kirabaros,” Caelos replied giving full respect to Michaela. “Good luck. By the way Atton, the Ebon Hawk is in the sector near where the old safe house was.”

“Thanks kid,” Atton replied giving the first smile he had in a long time.

Michaela looked at the people in the room. Of course T3 will stay. The little astromech was very fond of Kirabaros and Revan. Besides he would be of more help there anyway. She knew that Kirabaros must know that they couldn’t just sit there and wait yet she couldn’t help but wonder if he was completely out of it. She was driven by the fatherly emotions Atton was projecting and she wanted her son back. Kirabaros had asked her if she was willing to do what it takes and this was one of those moments. She smiled and said, “Let’s go.”

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