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Zelda agreed to stay guard while he slept. She saw the paper and read it.

Zelda: Wooh, what do we have here? "Personalized weaponry gloves"? What the hell are those?

Danyetta rolled on the ground to watch Mulan. She heard Zelda and sighed.

Danyetta: You don't know? They're fighting weapons. Used them when I was alive and in the Area 51. You shouldn't use them

Zelda: Why? Are they dangerous?

Danyetta: Very. They USE YOUR SOUL. It feeds off it.

Zelda: How do you know so much?

Danyetta: Because. I was a teen genuis. But our headquarters made the zombie virus trying to create the perfect human and........ they tested it on me and my boyfriend, the zombie's leader.....

Mayhem: Guys, we got company.

The zombies Zelda saw were now entering the store. Hundreds, carrying sharp weapens and guns.

Zelda: Dammit, this is not good. Danyetta, get the good zombies to go fight. Mayhem, Darth, do whatever. I'll get Psycho up and we'll meet up.

They agreed and went to work. Zelda attempted to get Psycho.

Zelda: C'mon dude, get up...

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