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Psycho: eh. Wahts goin on?" asked Psycho.

He saw the numerous zombies and prepared to attack. then he saw Danyetta and tried to attack her. He pulled his chainsaw blade and was 3 inches away from slicing her to pieces.

"Wait! I'm a good guy!" said Danyetta.

"A good zombie. Must of been alive at time of zombification.Very well. I'll let you live." said Psycho. He continued to battle adn saw the huge number of them. He had been too injured from his Bankai use.

"Take this" said Psycho as he tossed a shining orb thingy to Zelda.

"Say your name and it will become a weapon. The weapon is different from person to person. If you train at it enough you can release your power from within and achieve Bankai. This won't drain your soul. It's like an evolved form of the personal weapon gloves. This Chainsaw Blade is my weapon. Use it to hold off those other zombies while I heal up on mickey bars and Little Mermaid Lollipops." said Psycho.

"And I got my I on you "good" zombie" said psycho.

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