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Yes I fiddled with the XMLs last night according to what Petro intend to do and tested out some stuff. Since the ISDs ion fire rate has been doubled they are a bit nastier and finally have more firepower than the Mon Calamari cruiser. Although they gain only a little over 200 extra HPs (3225 total up from 2980) they are now finally tougher than the Mon Calamari (3010). Its not huge but at least its what most of us wanted and the price wasnt increased. The rear TLs on the ISD fire at a slower rate (5) than its front TLs and the TLs on the MC (all 7) which should be addressed. That would make the ISD spot on.

Crusaders are more annoying even if their health has been slashed however they have been altered to reflect what petro had in mind for them in the first place; they can now shoot down a salvo of missiles without one sneaking through. I dont mind this change at all.

Interceptor IV is much better now though I spotted in the XML when changing it that it actually has the armour of an assault frigate whereas the two comparable reb and imp craft only have light frigate armour so when Petro says ZC stuff is underarmoured it is not always true. At least now you can catch them and they can't out run torpedoes.

Engaging Keldabes and ZC stations is not as suicidal anymore. My bombers actually made it to the station to do a torp run, YAY! With such a nerf to the Keldabes ions and no price change the shield leech ability wont be touched I expect.

Some subtle and some drastic changes = we are definately getting somewhere. Dumbfounded by the improvement to the Vengeance though. I can play so cheesy with them already.
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