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Just then a zombie dog came up to Ross. They stared at each other. Then out of nowhere music started playing. ACE OF BASE to be exact.

Then the Zomba-dog starts doing the Charleston...HARD. Like freakin' 80 mph. He a freakin' blur. You're eyes start watering because of the wind it's producing, but also because it's so beautiful.

And the zombie presidents make a dramatic return from Cancun. With jet packs. They also start dancing. Many a hip gyrate (spelling?).

Then we all play Chicken Limbo. Which is like regualr limbo, except using a chicken. If you mess up the chicken laughs at you. It is a very intense ten hour game that is quite stressful on all involved.

I think Ross jabbed the wizard in the el- stomach. I'll flesh out the details another time.

Oh and steven Segal and Carrot Top are both zombies now too. But Steven is not really a zombie. Because he cant die. He's just pretending because he likes to mess with his victims heads. He's cool like that. He plans on just killing everything within a 30 mile radius for kicks after he leaves the mall. He wants to eat a chicken patty before he does that.

Carrot Top can be dead for all I care. Do with him as you please. Wait, he pooped in his pants too.

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