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Chapter 25
The Outer Rim was no place for a Jedi wanted by various systems but it was a place to get lost in, just as long as you had a ship that wasn’t a registered Republic vessel. It was just the place for the lone vessel cruising towards the familiar desert world of Tatooine. It looked like a wounded animal limping for shelter as it had a damaged hyperdrive but it was worth its salt. Kirabaros saw to that, well he had seen to that.

After three months of testimony and relentless attempts on Revan’s life by dissident peoples from the Outer Rim crying for blood, Kirabaros, with the support of several senators took the initiative and got Revan out. He himself was not well received anymore for during that time rumors began to spread about him. Very few senators had faith in him and they were the ones who supported his get away plan. They were joined by Carth, Dustil, Caelos and T3 creating an able bodied crew of six and took off towards the Outer Rim. They couldn’t go back to Avalon for Kirabaros was wanted by the Council on a charge of treason, a charge as a result of the rumors. Along the way, they were able to blend in with various civilians until they were ratted out and they had to flee. Somewhere they lost Kirabaros.

The port of Anchorhead welcomed the Wayfarer with no questions except to pay a onetime docking fee, which was given without argument. After landing the ship, Carth left the cockpit and made his way to the engine room where Caelos was working on the hyperdrive. Caelos greeted him without preamble, “They took out the hyperdrive generator Carth. It’s gone. We’re going to need a new one.”

“That’s going to complicate things. Any other problems?”

“Minor problems. Easily repairable,” Caelos replied while returning to work. “What I wouldn’t give to have that Iridonian tech here. All wires and switches to him.”

“Uh, okay. Besides the parts, what else do we need?”

“Probably stock up on supplies and we need information. First I think you should talk to her,” Caelos stopped working to look at Carth. “He was her brother.”

Carth said nothing but nodded at Caelos. Taking a deep breath, Carth left the engine room and made his way to the dormitories. The Wayfarer had been designed like the Ebon Hawk, a stock freighter, but in the Avalonian design, meaning that it was faster and a tiny bit more spacious. Carth passed T3 warbling sadly and going about making repairs and went to the quarters that he and Revan shared to find her sitting cross-legged on the bed while Dustil sat across her just staring at her with a perplexed frown. Quietly he treaded towards Dustil and placed a hand on his shoulder. Dustil looked at his father and nodded and went to find Caelos. Carth took his place in front of Revan and studied her.

Revan was still as a statue. Her hair was frizzing and at odd angles and her honey colored eyes were glazed over. She had sat in that manner ever since… “Rev?” Carth asked gently. She hadn’t even heard his voice for she was stuck in time or rather a memory.

They had just left Naboo after being found out by mercenaries of dissident Avalonians and were heading towards Ryloth since the senator had offered aid. Carth
had been piloting the Wayfarer and Kirabaros was teaching a new Bushida form to Dustil and Caelos, much to the amusement of Revan. The sudden shudder sent Kirabaros striding purposely to the cockpit. They had been caught by a cruiser class ship. The unasked question was on everyone’s lips and was answered by Kirabaros, “It’s an Avalonian vessel.”

Captured and questioned separately by none other than Admiral Keegan, Kirabaros managed to break everyone out with the help of T3. They were able to disable the necessary systems to get the ship away. Kirabaros was her rock for it was like the Leviathan all over again. He understood and sent reassuring thoughts through their bond as they battled their way through Avalonian troops, Outcast troops. She could see that it pained him to kill members of his people but he never faltered. It wasn’t until they were at the main door before the hangar bay that the mastermind of this whole mess appeared with Keegan.

Draconis introduced himself with the practiced grace of the nobility. He drew a serrated blade and Keegan drew a standard issue vibroblade. They charged but Kirabaros countered with a powerful Force Wave. He yelled at his friends to run for the ship much to against the protest of his friends. Draconis and Keegan were getting to their feet. As soon as the last person was through, he used the Force to lock the door.

They ran until they reached the ship. She could sense his determination and will as she boarded the ship. Carth fired up the engines but she paid no heed except to watch out the window as the turrets fired upon them. Their shield generator got hit but that didn’t matter. Not even after T3 went out to reroute power for he cut her off after he had been in pain much like Bastila did.

Carth had been calling to Revan trying to break her out of her trance for some time now. He didn’t know what to do for he knew how much Kirabaros meant to her. Though patience wasn’t his strong suit, he was willing to wait. He studied her face and her posture. It looked like she was meditating but she wasn’t and he had an idea why. When they had been captured, it brought back memories of the torment they suffered on the Leviathan. He even recognized the old feelings of betrayal when he found out that Keegan had been trying to kill his wife and kidnap his daughter. He sighed and moved from being across from Revan to sit next to her.

Revan slowly became aware that something had changed. Her senses reached out and found the one source of comfort in the galaxy and it was right next to her. She then heard a voice in her mind, ‘Love is a precious thing. It is always there no matter what.’ That seemed to wake her up for she burst into tears only to be engulfed by Carth’s strong, comforting arms. Caelos had been watching and was satisfied at what he saw. He turned to walk away quietly. There would be plenty of time to give a report later.

Being a scoundrel was an easy way to blend in, if you wanted to get lost. It was easier for Avalonians because they knew how to adapt quickly, an odd yet useful trait. It allowed Rowan and Atton to pass off as smugglers and the like on Nar Shaddaa and Michaela was considered, more or less, a bounty hunter that hired them. It helped that the whole Jedi personage was discarded and Rowan was careful not to slip into his habit of quoting Bushida. They had come there for there was rumor that the leader of the group that wanted to kill Revan was recruiting from there.

What started out as a mission to find the kids turned out to be an undercover mission. Early on, they had been contacted by Mission who had a message from Kirabaros that it wasn’t a good idea to go anywhere near Coruscant. He also hinted that there had been heavy persuasion being used on the dissident peoples of the Outer Rim who suffered at the hands of Darth Revan. Michaela, reading the plea between the lines, suggested that they investigate this and try to find out what was going on. Atton didn’t want to give up but when Michaela pointed out that they might come across someone who had seen them, he agreed.

They had arrived on Nar Shaddaa yesterday without question or ceremony. The reason being that Michaela managed to bribe the dock master with credits. Atton led the way being the most familiar with the refugee sector but became increasingly uncomfortable with Michaela’s silence. He peered at her to take a look at what was the matter. He found her regal features marred by a trace of sadness, the kind that accompanied loss and her eyes had a peculiar glazed look. Rowan gave the impression that he didn’t see anything when in fact he did. He had felt it too but he wasn’t comfortable showing emotion. Atton asked what was the matter. Michaela, her eyes returning to their bright brown, just smiled and said, “Nothing.”

Atton wasn’t so sure but he decided not to press the issue. He had the nagging feeling that it had to do with Kirabaros. Though they were friends, he didn’t share the same connection his wife and kid did. He said nothing more about it. They had enough troubles meeting up with the mercs.

The room was confining, the force field burned if you brushed against it yet Kirabaros didn’t notice these things. He didn’t notice anything at all as he lay on the bunk in the cell. He lingered somewhere in limbo in his mind drifting from past to present, always searching for a way out. He knew how to get out but he stayed there. He had the keys but the door remained locked and it was a good thing too. There was something around his neck that was meant to mentally torture a Jedi. It reeked of a familiar presence and taking that into account, Kirabaros locked away his mind and allowed it to drift into nothingness. At one point, his mind drifted to how he got to where he was.

Revan had escaped just as Draconis and Keegan were getting up. He twirled his lightsaber and readied for attack. Draconis waved Keegan off and circled Kirabaros saying, “You can’t imagine how I dreamed of this moment. You have defiled centuries of ancient tradition all because of your petty complaint that all was not right.”

It was mocking to hear that as Keegan left with a smirk on his face. Kirabaros was well aware that most of nobles disliked him because of the ending of the separate but equal clauses. They always tried to discredit him one way or another. Kirabaros replied, “You would risk open war between our people and the Republic just to be rid of me?”

“I would murder innocents just to see you hanged,” Draconis replied, not moving.

“Well now that you have me, what do you plan to do?”

The question was answered by a forward charge by Draconis. Kirabaros countered and advanced. It was impressive swordplay as they exchanged blows. The first breach came when Draconis feinted and made a hard thrust into Kirabaros’ upper arm. Painful as it was, Kirabaros refused to let out a cry and continued, returning the favor with a stab to the leg of Draconis. It then became much like a petty slapping match with some hits being nicks and others being punches or kicks.

It ended when Draconis reached out with the Force and slammed Kirabaros into the bulkhead. Kirabaros didn’t have ample recovery time when he felt a burning sensation in his side. The last thing he remembered was blacking out.

So here he was lying on a bunk, a prisoner of Draconis, drifting in and out of consciousness. He had cut her off from him so easily after she left. In fact, he cut himself off from everything, as if he were dead and not one with the Force. It allowed him to concentrate on a calming sensation to heal. It was working but consumed much energy, energy he didn’t have at the moment but somehow he managed to find more. There’s more than one way to play this game.

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