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Hi, uhh, I don't if this is the right place or not but Darth333 told me to give it a shot posting here, What I want to know is does anyone have a mod where it turns all 2 handed weapons into single handed weapons for all weapons, swords, light sabers(yes thats right a double bladed saber in each hand ) and blasters, this mod is for both K1 and TSL?

I thought pcgamemods might have had it, but since they are down(or gone) I lost all any chance of finding out, except for here.

Edit (To Below Post):
Originally Posted by RevanSithMaster
Darth333 was right, as always..... but yeah this is the right place and welcome to the Forums but unfortunately I do not know where it is... give me a few minutes and I'll find it
Any luck with finding it? Also while I'm at it, Is there also another mod where you gain more experience from the enemies that you kill? Also is there a mod where in both games where you start with a light saber?

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