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Basic morality would dictate that if you have not been personally wronged, you have no right to claim compensation for yourself. I highly doubt that any of the protesters in your anecdote had been personally wronged by any of the bake-sale individuals.

As for affirmative action, one does not achieve balance by perpetually swinging from one extreme to another. Affirmative action is merely reverse discrimination, and reverse discrimination on the basis of both gender and race has had awful effects on the society in my country. The most capable people should get jobs WHATEVER their gender or race, but in the UK during the early to mid nineties there were many instances involving local government positions in which the most capable people were rejected in favour of the first person of the "correct ethnic background" who came along. The most extreme debacle that resulted from this was I believe in Lambeth in London, where eventually the local government offices were largely staffed by the completely illiterate.

Now, people are often accused of racism for saying what I just typed, but frankly this is a matter of common sense and public record. Stating that the most capable people should be employed no matter what, is merely basic, logical morality.

There ARE instances of racial and sexual discrimination in our society. But certainly in the UK, I have seen members of EVERY race attack every other race. I've seen black people being incontrivertably racist towards white people, asian people being racist towards black people, white people being racist towards asian people, and... frankly every conceivable combination of the preceding. Racism is NOT a quality that only one race holds a monopoly on.

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