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Exclamation I need help puttin PC game saves to Xbox

Well guys here is my problem, i got cool mods for KOTOR II for PC but the thing is my comp is Brand new but the Video card screws everthing up (which sucks by the way), so im taking an alternative. 1st off i got KSE V3.3.3 and im a little confused with it also and just blasted thru it and didnt pay attention to wat i was doing. So what i really did was I got all of my feats etc to my wanting then i opened my AR save and pasted all the info there and replaced anything that was the same on the PC game save. so once i got the Save ready to go on my Memory Card i started up KOTOR II on my Box and it says the game is corrupted, i just wanna blow it up now and smash it . So help will be greatly apreciated

PS: Is there any other way to get the Override folder to work for the Xbox version of KOTOR II? Becuz i dont have a hardmodded xbox but i wish i did

Edit: And, one more the thing about my computer is that, i got like a brand new HP computer and everything is perfect but for some reason wen i load KOTOR II and even another cool game TES 4: Oblivion, the KOTOR II game goes haywire and my character is real laggy and i press the up key on keyboard and he goes haywire then he stops movin and i need to close KOTOR and restart it! WTH! I have the graphics on everything low. and still it screws up..... Oblivion runs ok but it lags at time.
You guys got any ideas or help hints to help my computers performance?

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