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Originally Posted by ensiform
working fine here, and why might i ask did you remove code for crash stuff? i told you, you need windows headers. who on earth removes them ... ?
To answer your question: Amature coders who listen to tutorials that say to get rid of them and then can't find the right replacement files when they appearently need them again. This was a simple solution to get it compiling again so I can do basic experimentation thats at my level of coding knowledge until I can get the right files and figure out how to put them back in. Even when I do get those files in there, I'll still have to figure out why the code didn't compile with them in originally and how I can fix the problem without deleting them again. Rather than going through all that frustration, I'm fine with giving up some crash protection in my code temporarily so I can get back to making basic adjustments for testing and experimental gameplay purposes.

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