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Have you ever heard of the stolen generation? It was a time in Australia when the native people were taken from their families, whether it was because the government truely believed they would be better off, it was done to establish white superiority, whatever the real reason was, I don't know. Now this is an absolutely tragic thing to occur, something that should never have happened and everyone should be sorry took place. Compensation and land is even being handed out to try and help the healing process. But victimising white man isn't going to change what happened, demanding we hand everything back to them isn't going to change things either. And yet this is being done time and time again when we try and make amends for our mistakes. It's kicking dirt in our face for helping, and I truely do not have an answer in terms of what can be done to make the situation better, but I know I try my damndest and I'm certain that everyone who seeks to heal these racial wounds do their level best as well.
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