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I'm not sure how you could make that work in many cases, though.

If the situation is a 'one-nighter', incest, rape, or an extramarital affair, I can't see how you could realistically get the father's input.

And if the parents do disagree about having it, then what? A court battle that lasts for weeks, or months until it's too late to perform the procedure anyway?
What if the father wants the abortion and she doesn't? Can his will be forced upon her? And just what would that do to any relationship they might have had at that point?

It's a sticky issue, and much would have to worked out in advance to even propose an change of that magnitude.

Not that I'm saying it shouldn't be done... I'm just very curious about how the mechanics of it might work.
I know, I know. Don't ask me about the details. I'm just saying daddy should have some more power, that's all.

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