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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
As DE pointed out it was sarcasm. There are reasons we have laws against killing, obvious ones, like, oh, I dunno, to prevent me from hiring a couple of hitmen and turning someone in America into a big wet spot. But because we have that safeguard in place we lose a degree of freedom. I think just about everyone would be able to live with that, lest chance dieing to have no laws, ultimate freedom.
The questionable part of a draft is that there is no pressing need for one. What exactly would we be giving up our freedom for? People being more patriotic? People doing community service? I think our military is far too effective for a draft to be justified for that need. Besides, the people being drafted would NOT be the ones voting for the draft. I'd think it'd be safe to say that mostly people older than the 42 or whatever it is would vote for it. I daresay they wouldn't want to put down their job at the law firm for a couple of years, and yay! They wouldn't have to. Sounds real fair to me.
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