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Topic discussed to death in this thread.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle:

Morality stems from society, tradition, and a healthy does of good ole common sense.
Just the latter. If morality were based on "society and tradition" it would be intrinsically immoral, because morality (presumably based on empathy) must be logically arrived at and ONLY logically arrived at. If emotion, tradition or social considerations are thrown into the mix, it cannot be morality. At all.

Originally Posted by Dagobahn Eagle:

It's constantly evolving (well, how many slaves do you count in the States today?),
People's ability to percieve morality en-masse may constantly shift, but morality itself is static and unchanging, because it is arrived at logically. Logic is unchanging. What was true before is true now, and what is true now was also true at the dawn of man.

Originally Posted by Samuel Dravis:

Spider's empathetic moral code avoids this problem, though it still cannot prove that one way of reasoning out a solution is the 'right' way (at least to two different people).
I rather think it can, provided we accept that logical proofs are the ONLY proofs for anything. People may choose to disagree with a logically arrived at moral judgement, but that will merely mean that they are being amoral.

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