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So, if I said, "X act is wrong because..." (a logically arrived at conclusion) to someone with superior cognitive abilities, they would agree with me. However, if they disagreed (also a logical conclusion), it would mean that I was simply unable to see all aspects of the situation.

How would I tell that the person has superior abilities in that regard than I do?
If you had a genuine desire to be moral and to arrive at the optimally moral solution... you would discuss it with the person, and through analysis of the train of thought that led the superior person to their conclusion, you would see the logic demonstrated. The only reason you wouldn't see the logic would be... oh, self-delusion or whatever.

Perceiving logic isn't difficult when someone explains it. The only real barrier to percieving explained logic (and attaining morality) is self-delusion.

But if you're asking whether morality itself contains an in-built means of transforming amoral people into moral people... no it doesn't. But that's just morality for you.

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