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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Oh, rofl. Yeah, people will say absolutely anything.
I noticed...
Originally Posted by Nancy, once again...
Now that I got that off my chest how many times have I said that ****ing going into ****ing Iraq was a ****ing mistake? Let me reiterate. ****ing going into ****ing Iraq was a ****ing mistake. 与性交的进入与伊拉克性交是一个该死的差错。與性交的進入與伊拉克性交是一個該死的差錯。** **ing die in het ****ing van Irak gaat was een ****ing fout. Das Scheisse Einsteigen in das Bumsen von von dem Irak war ein ****ing Fehler. Το ****ing που πηγαίνει το Ιράκ ήταν ένα ****ing λάθος. Entrare vaffunculo nello scopare Irak era un errore ****ing. イラクの性交に性交に入ることはとても間違いだった。이라크를 성교하기로 성교에게 감것은 지독한 과오 이었다. Entrar fodendo em foder Iraq era um erro do caralho. ****ing идти в ****ing Ирак была ****ing ошибка. Does that make it clearer?
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There is a logical error running rampant in American politics in the last few years. It seems to stem from the fact that a lot of Americans are incapable of seeing the world in anything other than black and white, good and evil. "If you accuse us of doing evil things (war, torture, etc), then you're saying we're evil!" This is the logical fallacy that neocons have used to stifle any and all debate regarding the current US administration's military hegemony and abandonment of the Geneva Convention. Good and evil are in every single person, whether muslim, christian, American, Iraqi or whatever. Spider AL and I aren't the ones who automatically reach for this Hitler tag. Go back and have a look at who does.

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