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Kotor2 problems.

It's extremely buggy on the PC!

The big problem is that I am stuck on Nar Shadda. There seems to be no way out due to the many bugs. I save often because of the constant application quitting (after all it is Windows).
I have battled in the lower levels and knocked out the Wookie.
It didn't let me switch parties afterwards, and I am just tuck there. It's like the end of round didn't trigger.
If I cheat my way out, then Mira is not availabl in my party. She in on the Hawk, and I can interact with her, but I cannot pick her in a party, and the Jedi Master will not reappear.
Does anyone know what variables to change with the editor, or how to get around this stuck situation?
I got by it easily on the X-Box, but the PC version is really bug ridden. I loaded the latest updates.
I have restarted back a ways from one of my previous saves, and I end up in the same stuck situation.
I defeat the Wookie, the Gas has no effect on me, and from what I can tell from the guide, I should change parties at that point.

Thanks for any help!
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