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Here is a map. It works only for the Empire. It has no ZC faction. It is beta. You have only the Rebels and Empire only one planet. I placed pirates and enabled the AI.

It could need more time for balance.

It works pretty good as now for a beta. I also can place in fixes for some bugs in the game if you want. It would seem they ran out of time Petro to polish the Expansion.

I had to place in over 400+ entries for the pirate forces. It is only for the map Equal Footing GC SP.

EDIT: Rapidshare servers are down. I will try later to give link for upload.

The pirate faction works very good at stopping the AI rush. The map will need more balance.

Again it is the Empire and rebel only. No ZC. There are cool new Pirates to slow down the land grab. They exist in game, I think you will like.

Both only have one planet. It plays very well for a beta. Once Rapidshare is back up online, I can share the file (and enable it for playing Rebel).

It took me 12 hours of XML to write this, no wonder Petro left out the pirates.

"Unfortunately all drives of are full right now."

EDIT: update some stuff. You can play both the Empire or Rebel.

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